Corporate Membership

We offer two types of corporate golf membership both of which offer varying degrees of flexibility and fantastic value across golf and hospitality!


Designed for entertaining clients or as an employee incentive, our Flexi-Card Scheme offers complete flexibility in terms of membership type, number of card holders and cost. 

Bearer and Named cards are available across 5 and 7 day as well as Gold Membership options. Whilst a minimum of 2 cards in any band is required, there is no limit to the number of cards which can be purchased.

Bearer cards: may be used by any Company nominated person on the day. EGU handicaps can be obtained.

Named cards: available for use by the named individual only. Holders receive full club entitlement including the right to play in Club competitions.

Alternatively you can contact our Membership Team direct by calling 01883 334 962 or email them at

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